There are three different options to add documents to a workfile that's already created (read the article Creating workfiles to learn how to create a workfile).

After doing a search and/or importing numbers, the first step is to select the records from the list that you want to save in a workfile. Remember that workfiles must be FamPat records.


  • Drag and drop records. Select one or more records and using the option dots at the left-hand side of each record hold click and drag the documents to the corresponding workfile in the Explorer tab.




  • Using the Import option included in each workfile from within the workfile


The Import option has 2 different ways to input the information:

  • Enter numbers



Enter the information manually an afterward click OK at the bottom right-hand side of the Numbers Assistant.

  • Select a file

Select the file from your computer and the column to extract the information from, the type of information to input and finally the corresponding workfile and click Finish at the bottom right-hand side of the Import window



After using any of the adding options a loading bar should be displayed and after it finishes processing the data, the workfile should display the number of records added. The information can be accessed by clicking in the Explorer tab 


Import limit:  5000 documents