In Orbit Intelligence, it is possible to create elaborated search strategies thanks to the Boolean and proximity operators and the possibility to combine search steps (more detail on these features in the following articles: Build queries using truncations and operators, Combine search steps using the search history).

Building such complex strategies can take a lot of time and effort, up to 200 steps (limit) can be combined together. The ability to capitalize on this work is important, that's why a there's an option to save the search from the search history page. 


Once satisfied with a strategy, by clicking on the "Save" button corresponding to the final step of the strategy, the system opens a new page summarizing the steps you are currently saving. The only action needed is to name (see the number 1 in the screenshot below) the search you are saving and click on the "Save" button (see the number 2).

Saved searches can be easily retrieved in the "My saved searches" section of the menu for future usage.


In "My saved searches", you can edit or delete a saved search by clicking on the desired action at the end of the line.