There are several ways to personalize the display of a landscape map, and improve the insights generated from its visualization.

The following screenshot shows a raw map automatically generated by the system. 
Note that a toolbar is available to customize the map:

Short explanation of the toolbar buttons

Open the panel to navigate between selection of vizualizations (Recommanded, All, Favorite)
Access options color the map by Assignees, Inventors Legal status etc...
Zoom in/out on the map
Move the position of the map
Select a zone on the map. The selection allows the visualization of patent families on the Selection tab (right side of the screen)
Select all the patent on the map. Similarly to the previous option, families are displayed in the Selection tab
Select a zone on the map and define a new cluster. Three concepts are displayed. (Usage of this feature is detailed later in this article)
Draw a free form on the map
Draw an ellipsoidal shape on the map
Add text on the map

Move and lock position of cluster labels

The default graph might display overlapped cluster labels. It is possible to move the labels and lock their position for a better readability of the landscape map.

Changing the position of a label can be done by a right click maintained while moving the label.

Once satisfied by the position of all the labels, a right click on the blue section open a list of option and especially the "lock position" one.

Customize the displayed concepts

Some of the default labels might be considered too generic. By doing a right click on the labels, a list of options is displayed and offers the possibility to visualize and select other suggested cncepts for labelling the selected cluster.

Reprocess naming of clusters

Some clusters (and their labels) suggested by the automatic map processing might also be considered irrelevant. The possibility is offered to delete clusters and do a manual selection of documents to create a new cluster.

Patent families initially included in the cluster become dark grey.


Using the above  button allows to make a new selection of patents. The selection is made using the left click maintained while circling a selection of dots.

This new selected group will receive a label (based on the concepts contained in this new selection) and a color.

Here two new clusters have been created:

Refine clustering by grouping/exclusion of concepts

One final way to customize the content of the map is to refine the concepts analyzed by the system (available only in a saved analysis - How to save an analysis and why)

To create grouping and exclusion data rules please refer to the following article: Data rules

Once the modification of the concepts is finished (similar concepts have been grouped and obvious concepts have been excluded), the system will process again the map taking into account this changes.