It is possible to enter a new invention project in Orbit Asset. For example, when a new invention declaration is sent for analysis before a patent application is filed, it may be interesting to enter this information as a project in the system.

"Inventions" (or projects) can be associated to several statuses:

  • Project in progress: This status means that no decision on filing or abandonment has yet been taken.
  • Filing is in progress : This status means that a decision has been made to file a patent, but that the filing procedure is still in progress.
  • Protection Filed: This status means that it has been decided to file a patent.

NB: You will of course be able to switch the project status to 'Abandoned' if needed.

The creation of a new project (or invention disclosure) involves the creation of a new family. 

When the project is created, its status will be automatically set to "Project in progress".

To do this, simply click on the + button, at the bottom right, fill in the reference and title of the new family and select "Project in progress" (see video below).