Update codes are useful to find results that have been added to our databases in a specific week/month of a year. 

They are used to trigger alerts and/or combined with search strings via the command line. These codes remain relevant for a limited period of time, and cannot be suitable to reproduce results of a past alert.

Questel does not guarantee the accuracy of results beyond the intrinsic period of each code (week / month). As these codes are mainly technical, Questel may remove all or a part of this data for maintenance purpose.

Here is a list of the update codes currently available in Orbit Intelligence.

Please note that for legal status information LGUP is the only code available for standard alerts, and it will only notify you about changes in the legal status of the document without providing specific information on the event. 

This is because there is another module completely dedicated to legal events. See article 'Legal status alerts'


From the Search History tab, take the initial search and combine it with the update code in the format YYYY-WW /UP. 

Caution: Many update codes are reloaded and do not integrate an historic like UP, UE, LGUP, etc.

In other words, the previous date of the data modification is overwritten by each new update. In Fampat, you only get the last update: the last event, regardless of the member.

This means the effective date of the event and the date of arrival of updates are not necessarily correlated. In addition, there may be a time lag depending on the Offices, on the event types and on  various maintenance.