User fields are customized data fields that are created to be shared via a Workfile. They are useful for collecting inputs from colleagues who review patents, assign values and rate documents. This information from your colleagues can be a great addition to the normal review workflow.

Special characters are forbidden within the names or labels/values, like  *, ?, +, <, >, |, ", : and commas in-between terms.

To create a user field, select a Workfile or click on the "Workfiles module" button and choose the user field button. This will open the wizard and allow you to create, edit or remove a field.

By clicking on "Create a field", you open a second window which allows you to choose the type of user field to create:

You can choose from 7 types:

  • Multiple value selector: for fields meant to receive one or more predetermined keywords e.g. Business units as one invention may belong to several business units

  • Single value selector: for fields meant to receive a single predetermined keyword, to choose from a drop-down list e.g. Yes/No questions

  • Text: for the fields meant to contain free text  

  • Date: for the fields meant to contain a date 

  • Number: for the fields meant to contain a numeric value 

  • Internal Classification: It is a multi-values selection field ; only one "Internal Classification field" can be created by pool of users (company) - it should be your 'main' user field, as it will be available in the Workfiles filter + the tree counter.

  • Hyperlink: For fields that need to contain a hyperlink. The link will be usable from the Personal Fields tab and must be a secured link.


Before saving, you must name/label the user field. 

For export purposes, a code must be associated with the user field. This code must be 3 or 4 letters long. Though examples/samples are optional, they may be used to help users use the field properly. For single and multiple value fields, predefined values need to be inserted.

Once completed, the user field can be used in the dedicated tab.