You can create a workfile two different ways, from a result list (also called a hit list) or directly from the Explorer tab.

If you want to share a workfile, it has to be created into a directory out of your Inbox. If you do not have any folder in the portfolio, please create first a directory in the Portfolio (root) and then create the workfile. For more about the sharing of directories, consult our articles How to choose between Workfiles & Lists and Administrator - Sharing User fields.

To create a workfile from the result or hit list: 

  • Select (1) at least one document in the result list to enable the Tool bar
  • Click (2) on the "Move or Duplicate" option (suit case icon) for the Portfolio wizard window to be displayed (NOTE: not available from the Fulltext hitlist)
  • Click (3) on the "New folder, list or workfile" button (folder icon)

To create a Workfile from the Explorer tab:

  • Click on the Explorer tab (1) 
  • Click on the "New folder, list or workfile" (folder icon) button (2) 

After clicking on "New folder, list or workfile" (folder icon) button, a list of three options will be displayed. 


Select the middle option "New workfile" and assign a name to the workfile in the Name field in the pop-up window and click "OK". In this example it was given the name Workfile test.

The system will automatically go back to the Portfolio wizard and the workfile will now be displayed in the corresponding folder.

You can use either the Workfile module or the Explorer tab to access all created workfiles: