Orbit Intelligence offers many possibilities to customize the results display interface.

The results display main customization features will be shown here. For customizing the displays of additional modules, you can refer to the dedicated articles (example: Biosequence search).

The results page consists of 3 customizable panels:

1. Filters (left panel),

2. Hitlist (center panel), and 

3. Tabs (right panel, by default the 1st tab is the "Preview" one).

The one-page view of the results allows users to preview information about the patents without having to open a different window, making the review of your results highly efficient.

Collapsing panels
The left and right panels can be opened or collapsed by clicking the chevrons buttons on either panel.


Adding tabs

The tabs on the right panel can be selected via the "+" button on the far right hand side at the top along the tabs row. Clicking into any choice will display that tab.

Simply tick the tab checkbox to select or unselect it.

Tip: the KWIC (keywords in context) tab is a useful tab to understand your result set, we recommend you display it!

12 tabs are available:

  • Preview (bibliographic data): Choose which information should be displayed by using the Edit Preview box.

  • Image: All Images are shown.
  • Claims: The representative member's Claims are shown.
  • Description: The Description of the representative member is displayed.
  • Key Content (Object of the invention, Advantages and Drawbacks over Prior Art, and Independent Claims): The representative member's Key Content is displayed.
  • Concepts: A patent's semantic key content is extracted from the Fulltext of the patent using linguistic technologies.
  • Fulltext: The representative member's Fulltext is displayed.
  • KWIC (Keyword(s) In Context): All fields in the entire family you searched are displayed, if they contain your keywords. KWIC contains summary tables (hits by search fields and hit by keywords).
  • Citations: This includes the cited patents' families and the citing patents' families as well as the cited literature and the standards citing the family or the patent.
  • Legal Status: Shows the Legal Status for all publications of the family.
  • Timeline: Graph form of the information available in the legal status tab
  • Alignments (Only available for a Biosequence search).

Detaching tabs

If you use multiple screens and want to display multiple tabs on different screens, you can detach some of the tabs by clicking on the blue arrow. This will pop out the tabs and allow you to drag them onto the other screens. By closing the individual tabs on the other screens, they will automatically return to the place in the tab row

> See more in dedicated articles on:

- Results Filters customization

- Hitlist customization
- Preview tab customization

- User settings (modification of default content language / Representative member etc)