You can use the highlighting function when searching for keywords, mainly when the Advanced Search form is used.

On the result page, the icon is orange when highlight is active:

And greyed out if inactive:

Highlighting will be applied to all terms entered in search page.

Highlight wizard: the wizard window can be opened by clicking on the dropdown black arrow next to the marker button.

Up to 12 different colours can be selected.

At the top of the wizard, your search terms defined a profile named: Current.

Terms linked with an operator in your search query will be separated by a comma in the wizard.

You can choose to highlight one or more words. Using the wizard, you can highlight just a few searched words or you may also decide to add other words that were not part of searched terms.

If you have not used an operator in your query to connect two terms, these will be highlighted only when they appear in the text juxtaposed in the order specified in your query.

Single or multiple words can be chosen to be highlighted.

Note: Only OR, W and D operators are supported when using proximity operators.

All forms of truncations may be used,

•+ : Unlimited

•? : 0 or 1 character

•# : Exactly 1 character

You can use multiple truncations within a single word (different truncation or the same one repeated).

The button Clear erases all of the highlighted selections and profiles.
The button
 Apply applies the highlight and keep the wizard window open.
The button OK closes the wizard window and saves changes to the current profile. 

The search hitlist with the highlighted elements will appear.
The button
 Close closes the wizard window without applying highlight.

Highlighting profiles: You can save highlighting settings in the wizard to be used for a future search, independently of the keywords used in the search.

- To save a new profile, type a new profile name in the textbox.

- To see saved profiles, select the down arrow.
- To keep highlighting settings active for a connection session, click the box named "Make above highlighting persistent"

Note: Applying additional highlighting does not create a new search, on the newly highlighted terms, it only applies the new highlighting to the existing results.

Highlighting display

Highlighting is on by default and the highlighting icon in the toolbar will be surrounded in orange 

Each indent color represents the occurrence of a term in the displayed text. 

Click on a colored marker to reach this occurrence in the text. 


NOTE: Our new and improved Advanced Search is different than the one on this video. An updated video will soon be available.