Update codes are useful to find results that have been added to our databases. They can be used to trigger alerts and/or combined with search strings via the command line. 

Here is a list of the update codes currently available in Orbit Intelligence (extracted from Fampat Factsheet):


Update code


New references (family in FAMPAT e.g.) to the database



Weekly:   UP

Monthly:  UP4


Addition of equivalents or new publication stage



Weekly:   UE

Monthly:  UE4 



New equivalent in specific country:


Include in your search query: “and (CC or CC or CC)/UECC”

e.g. (Questel or ITIP or Yoomap or Multiling)/PA

1 and (US or FR or DE or CN or JP)/UECC


  • UECC is not an alert code and must be used with the update code UE. When a family is modified for any reason but without a new publication, the field UECC is erased, so there is no UECC in the backlog. It is a field that can only be monitored weekly. 
  • UECC script combined with UE launching code will retrieve only the first equivalent published in Fullpat database (such as USA1, FRA1), therefore missing granted patents.







Weekly:   UE



Entry week or update week of any legal status information


Legal status is a field that can only be monitored weekly.




Weekly:  LGUP



Addition of Citations (aka cited patents)



Weekly:   UCT



Addition of Abstract


Human produced English Abstract 1st time




Machine or Human produced English Abstract 1st time 



Any* Human abstract 1st time.

English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Chinese




Weekly:    UAB

Monthly:  UAB4



Weekly:    UMTA

Monthly: UMT4



Weekly:    UABA

Monthly: UAA4



Addition of CPC codes for the 1st time

Nota : except on GB D0 documents



Weekly:  UEC


Entry of new records in the database + Changes to records already in the database: 


Records modified only by the addition for the first time of one or more of the following six fields:  ETI, Machine English Abstract, Human English Abstract, PA, CPC, FI, FTM

New records entered into the database except the documents published before 2006 and D0 reference documents. 


Weekly:  QW

Monthly: QM


Addition of CPC or US PCL codes for the 1st time 



Weekly:  UCL


Please note that for legal status information LGUP is the only code available for standard alerts - it will only notify you about any change in the legal status of the document without providing specific information on the event. 

Should you need to closely monitor some patent applications, a dedicated additional module is available ? =>  "Legal Status Monitor".

> See article "Legal status alerts"


To add update codes in alerts, first make sure to fill out the fields Name and Title. 

Then, uncheck the box for "Retrieve records once they have an abstract" (default option that corresponds to UMTA code (weekly) or UMT4 (monthly) > see above list). 

The update code textbox is now ready for you to type in the update codes of your choice:


In this example, we will add the UP (= New families in the database) and UE (= Addition of equivalents or new publication stages) codes to run once a month. 


1. No commas are needed between the codes. 

2. The frequency of the alert is determined the update code, so they need to match with the radio button.

For instance, if I want my alert to run once a month, my update codes should be entered as UP4 and UE4 (Once every 4 weeks): 

if I needed this alert to run once a week, the update codes for this example would be UP and UE. 

N.B.: If you deselect the default option "Retrieve records once they have an abstract" without entering any update codes in the update code text box, your alert will be automatically set to QW update code. The QW code will not be displayed even if you enter and save it in the update code text box.


Set up the rest of the details for the alert and click "Save & Execute". This will activate the alert and re-run your script. This allows you to review the current results before the next alert execution.