For searches performed in the FAMPAT and FULLPAT collection (Family grouped database, more detail:Difference between FAMPAT FULLPAT and FULLTEXT collections), it is possible to customize the preferred language of the patent displayed in the interface.

This change can be done in the user setting interface in the section "display".

This option sets the preferred language for the title, abstract, claims and description. You can specify up to three languages. The default language is "English (original or translation)". You can choose up to three languages defined by a two-letter ISO 639-1 code.


The setting in the above screenshot will first check the presence of a Russian language patent (RU), then the presence of a native English (EN) member and finally the presence of an English machine translation (EM) member.

Warning: the preferred patent authority takes preference for the displayed record (more detail in the article: Customize the displayed members). The system will check the list of preferred patent authorities before checking the preferred language.

In my example of selection, despite the presence of other members in patent families, the system displays the member in Russian language in priority when available (screenshot below).