Orbit Intelligence offers a dedicated search field for semantic entries. Semantic search allows you to freely enter text including a relevant abstract or a description of an invention. The semantic search algorithms extract the relevant concepts from the words entered in the search field using an artificial intelligence search engine. For best results, use a well-structured title and abstract or paragraph. 


Semantic search:  

You create your query using a series of words including a title and description of an invention or a relevant abstract. The words can be either freely typed into the blank field or copied and pasted in from another document. It should be a few lines of text related to the object of the search and without any typos or misspellings.  

The text entered does not have to be coherent and should be between 100 and 300 words. It should be in English to avoid having translation errors introduced. 

It may be beneficial to add synonyms of the important keywords.  

Choose whether you want to search in Fullpat or Fampat. 

You can hit Search at this point or use the Custom search wizard at the bottom right of the page. An example of the semantic search with a title and abstract copied in is shown below.  


 Custom search wizard:  


The custom search wizard allows you to see the concepts extracted from the words and select those concepts to further refine the results of the search and/or unselect those words you do not want to search. See the example below. 


Clicking on the Next button returns a collection of patents and applications based on the concepts selected and using the similarity search functionality. 

Its ranked by the relevancy score. This allows the user to select those documents that are most relevant for the search. 

The user selects the records by clicking into the box next to the title of the relevant records shown. 


Alternatively, you can add additional terms by using the Search more concepts button. This allows you to add terms. A screenshot is shown below.  



The video below shows how to access the Semantic search screen, paste in an abstract or description of an invention, where to find the Custom search wizard and how to launch the search.