Orbit Intelligence offers a dedicated search field for entries associated with Names, including Assignees, as part of the Advanced Search screen. It is fully integrated with the number of patent families per parent company or subsidiaries and hide the ones that do not have any patents. 

Start by typing in the name of a parent company or a subsidiary in the Assignee field and clicking on the far-right hand side corporate tree button. It is not necessary to use corporate designators such as CORP or GMBH.


This will open a pop-out page with a list of parent company(ies) and subsidiaries, as appropriate. Alongside each company will be the number of patent families.  

Note: If the parent company(ies) and/or subsidiary(ies) do not have any patents or applications, they will not appear in the list.   

Selecting the parent company will automatically select the subsidiaries of that parent company. It is also possible to only select those subsidiaries you are interested in by only clicking on them.

Typing in the name of the company without using the corporate tree function will result in a search of assignee text corresponding to your typed entry. 

Note: If you don't use the corporate tree function and only type in the name of the company and hit search, if there are subsidiaries with different names, those subsidiaries will not be searched.

The data is provided by our partner Factset and is subject to public filings with the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). We combine that data with our patent family data.

If you prefer to search the entire assignee history, make sure to select the right element :


The video below shows how to search for an assignee. 

NOTE: Our new and improved Advanced Search is different than the one on this video. An updated video will soon be available.