You can change some parameters by selecting the ‘User Settings’ module from the user menu:

This module is divided into several different sections: 

General settings

In this section you can:

- Define the text size.

- Turn on/off alert notifications.

- Add links to the original document in alerts that are run.

- Define which module and search interface you begin with when the user logs in.


Searching settings

In this section you can :

- Define the default database collection the user will conduct their searches in.

- Display the database collections in the Advanced search (See article on 'Difference between FAMPAT, FULLPAT and FULLTEXT collections')

- Limit the amount of results returned when you run a "Similarity search" (so as to restrict to the most relevant results)


Display settings

You can change the way the results are displayed in the Hitlist.

Here are the main settings you can modify:

- How many results will be displayed per page

- Extended family grouping (Inpadoc family as found on Espacenet > See article 'FAMPAT family construction rules' to learn more)

- The preferred patent authority, also referred to as  'Representative member' (> See article 'Customize the displayed members')

- The preferred language (> See article 'Change displayed language of patents')

- Display the Filter option (filter the data by country, date, status > See article on 'Filters display customization') 

  NB: we recommend to keep the Filter panel active, as it will help you refine your results.


Password settings

You can change your login password for Orbit Intelligence:


Workfiles settings

You can decide to receive an email when documents are added to Workfiles, or when data is manually updated. Notifications are not sent for "batch addition" (e.g. adding same rank on a selection of patents families).

These notification's content can be tailored to provide a short or detailed list of the information changed.