When displaying a single chart, you can click on Data right next to Charts and it will display several options 

Note: The actual view (On this case Patent families by Protection country) may change depending on the graph you are displaying on the Analysis module. 


By clicking on one of the fields below Chart data (This case has "Patent families" and "Protection country"), a menu of options will be displayed. 


Clicking on an option displayed will change the sub-options available on the right of each item (here "other citations").

Reminder: Premium users only can change the default data setting 'Patent families'



The system also displays the types of graphs compatible according to the chart data you selected. Selecting one of this compatible chart will change the appearance of the graph. 



Note that a shortcut allows to change the appearance of the graph directly from the graph view.

An axis can also be added by clicking on the + sign next to any field below Chart data. Adding a new axis data will update the list of compatible charts accordingly.

Removing an axis can be done by clicking on the x next to the name of the field to remove 

If more information on the fields is needed, hovering the mouse on the field will display a small tooltip.