The Analysis module can be launched from your results list after running a search by clicking on the floating blue button   at the bottom right corner of the center panel of your hitlist.

You do not need to select a range IF you want to analyze your entire data set. If you want to analyze a specific range of your data, 1st select the results.

When you send results from FAMPAT/FULLPAT into the Analysis Module, you will begin at a dashboard or Key facts view that will assess the data quickly into a few meaningful charts. You can at that point launch a single view of many different charts to better understand your data. 


The button at the bottom right corner of the dashboard will bring you back to the results hitlist (useful in case you need to refine your search). 

Note: The Analysis feature is available in the FAMPAT and the FULLPAT collection, but it is not

accessible from FULL-TEXT collection.