In order to make good use of research, you need to understand how Innosabi Insight works.

Innosabi Insight is based on the analysis of scientific works: our algorithms collect and analyze millions of scientific documents such as patents, scientific publications, peer-reviewed articles, conference proceedings, scientific posters, projects, clinical trials and web content from all over the globe.

When you perform a search, Innosabi Insight gives you results based on the scientific works that mention the words of your search. 

Identifying keywords is therefore a crucial step that you should not underestimate. Remember that the search results will depend on the query you have entered. It is therefore essential to know what you are looking for in order to identify the keywords you are going to use. This step should allow you to pose the problem in order to select the key concepts/keywords needed to query the database. 

When you're deciding what keywords to put in the search box, try to choose keywords that are likely to appear on the scientific literature you're looking for. 

Keywords represent the searched topic or the technology you want to evaluate. Do not enter countries name, geographical areas, dates, product names or people name. Filters are available within each metric and will allow you to target your search once you have run the query.